The Exchange Reviews

God used The Exchange to give me the tools I needed to get beneath the surface to root issues.”

The Exchange opened my eyes to ways that my relationship with God has been hindered – how I have defined myself by the world’s ways rather than God’s ways.”

God used The Exchange to help me see that when I am feeling hurt, anxious or depressed, it is often because I am believing a lie. And I’m learning to turn to God’s word and replace old worldly beliefs with his truth.”

This has been the catalyst that has led me to a place of more genuine and complete surrender to Christ.”

I had been running away from God, but The Exchange brought me back to him.”

The Exchange opened my mind and my heart to many buried feelings.  It is so hard to acknowledge them, but so freeing to finally let them go.”

One can go through The Exchange many times and learn something new about oneself and God each time.”